Exclusive house in Charlottenlund, Denmark

Location: Charlottenlund, Denmark
Building type: House
Project: Total renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 250m²
Year: 2023

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When a young couple took over a luxury garden villa in Charlottenlund, Denmark, they faced unexpected challenges with the indoor climate. After further investigation, they discovered extensive mold growth problems in the exterior walls that had spread to the walls and mineral wool.

The situation was alarming and the young couple decided to take action to create a healthy and comfortable home environment. After extensive research, they decided to embark on a complete renovation with the help of RIK Byg Indeklima ApS.

RIK Byg Indeklima ApS carried out a thorough mold remediation and replacement of the wall and mineral wool, which were severely affected by mold growth. The chosen replacement was SkamoWall, which is ideal for creating a healthy indoor climate as it regulates humidity and manages the risk of mold growth.