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An improved indoor climate with SkamoWall

SkamoWall consists of the calcium silicate SkamoWall Board and associated products.

SkamoWall ensures an improved indoor climate:
✔ Regulates moisture problems
✔ Eliminates mold

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Mould Corner

Do you have problems with mold?

Exposure to mold can cause fatigue, headaches and irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

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Moist Window

Problems with moisture?

Moisture in homes has both long and short term consequences for the indoor climate.

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Single-family house in Ballerup, Denmark

Elite athlete René Holten Poulsen and his girlfriend, nurse Birgitte Hou-vangsaae Reseke have completely renovated their home. With the need to perform, the indoor climate played a major role in their choice of insulation – which is why they chose SkamoWall.

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Town house in Odense, Denmark

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SkamoWall Board

SkamoWall Board

SkamoWall Board is a calcium silicate board that has a number of advantages, such as being able to regulate moisture and remove the risk of mold, thus improving the indoor climate.


All SkamoWall calcium silicate products come with an EPD (Environment Product Declaration) verified by a third party and published through EPD Denmark.

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SkamoWall products