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SkamoWall recommendations

We have compiled recommendations and statements from relevant professionals below.

Bent Vallentin Pedersen, Architectural firm Vallentin Haugland A/S

Bent Vallentin Pedersen is a partner and department head at the architectural firm Vallentin Haugland A/S, where he has in-depth knowledge of SkamoWall - both privately and professionally.

Bent lives in a 1930s house worthy of conservation, which is why it cannot be insulated from the outside.

The house has solid concrete walls and, at certain times of the year, presented challenges in the form of cold or condensation in the basement.

By mounting SkamoWall, he has resolved the problems with cold and condensation, so that today the basement serves as a creative space for the whole family.


What is important when the architectural firm Vallentin Haugland A/S recommends an insulation product?

It is important to choose a product that can cope with the moisture and technical indoor climate challenges of old, solid brick or concrete walls. And to ensure that any problems are not exacerbated by the wrong choice of materials.


How does the indoor climate rank in the solutions you bring to the table?

The indoor climate is a major factor in the choice of materials, so the use of materials where moisture exposure does not exacerbate the problem, as well as proper ventilation, is ranked highly.


What is important to architects when choosing a calcium silicate product like SkamoWall and when is it relevant?

Quality, ease of working with the material, and an excellent end result, are important to us. We recommend the product for both private use as well as for housing associations.


What can SkamoWall do that other calcium silicate products cannot?

SkamoWall is a tried and tested product with a complete solution for the finished plastered product, with good product instructions.


What can SkamoWall do that other types of interior insulation cannot?

SkamoWall ensures quick and easy mounting, the reduction of indoor climate problems such as mold, and likewise is a product that you can screw into and mount directly on.


What do you take into consideration when handling products and working time spent during assembly?

Throughout the design process, the carpenter's handling of the products is considered, and so a product like SkamoWall with its natural lightness is a good one. The size of the panels also makes them easy to handle, even when they are to be used in existing smaller rooms.

Torben Vind, Boll+

Torben Vind was project manager for Boll+ on the Garnisonshaven project.


Why was SkamoWall the preferred choice during renovation of Garnisonshaven?

We chose the SkamoWall indoor climate system with calcium silicate indoor climate boards, which basically remove moisture, prevent mold, eliminate thermal bridges and significantly raise the wall’s surface temperature. At the same time, it has unique properties in terms of screw resistance. Our requirement was to be able to hang radiators directly on the panels without having to screw into the wall behind the panels, thereby increasing the risk of thermal bridges. Among other things, we tested that the board can support over 15kg per screw and over 100kg on a shelf.


Listed building in Copenhagen, Denmark

With its status as a listed building, there were very clear requirements for the renovation of Garnisionshaven For this reason, SkamoWall was brought into play, and the great pull-out strength in particular was crucial for the selection of SkamoWall.

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