EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for SkamoWall

As part of our vision and continued focus on protecting the planet by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, we have received an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) covering all our calcium silicate products.

What is an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)?

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) documents the life cycle of the environmental impact of products in terms of energy consumption, resource consumption and waste. An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a uniform way of summarizing how products affect the environment, converted into CO₂ equivalents.

Why are EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) important?

EPDs provide transparent insight into production-related emissions. This helps raise awareness of the green agenda, as we can compare the environmental impact of various products within European and international standards.

Skamol’s EPDs follow European and international standards (ISO 14025 and EN 15804).