After mounting SkamoWall

After mounting SkamoWall, it is important to take the right precautions in order to achieve the best possible result.

SkamoWall’s excellent diffusion-open properties can be affected by products that are not part of SkamoWall (adhesives, fillers, paints, wallpaper, etc.). Therefore we recommend only using SkamoWall products during mounting.

SkamoWall Board is dimensionally stable and cannot move with the house’s foundation. The formation of cracks is not a defect, so they can simply be covered over with Skamol Smooth Plaster or Skamol Structural Plaster.


SkamoWall Board’s enormous storage capacity compensates for fluctuations in humidity, but does not compensate for ventilation. The volume of moisture can only be returned to the room if the air is replaced. Therefore, it is important to maintain ventilation in the room.

The general rule for good ventilation is that

  • It is not good to have the window constantly ajar (the components cool down).
  • Airing out with drafts several times a day is best.
  • Basement windows should remain closed on hot days. Airing out should only be done in the cool morning and evening hours.
  • For good ventilation, it is recommended to air out three times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.


In general, SkamoWall Board must not be permanently saturated from behind and must not be attached to walls with inadequate vertical seals or hygroscopic materials without barriers. If in doubt, ask appraisers or experts.

(Vaulted) basements without natural ventilation may need to be ventilated with mechanical ventilation systems.

Get advice and inspiration on air quality here.


We recommend using only the following primer and paint:

  • Prime with DYRUP Silikat Primer V with water diluted at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Treatment 2 × DYRUP Inde Silikat paint. If necessary, dilute the first layer with max. 10% DYRUP Silikat Primer V or water.


Read more about paint here.


Furniture must be moved at least 10cm away from the outer walls.

If possible, SkamoWall should not be subject to stress loads: Do not use a hammer drill to drill holes as this may damage the SkamoWall Board.

Warning: Nails, screws, etc. can act as a thermal bridge, which can lead to mold formation around the borehole.


In general, it is important that rooms with SkamoWall are well ventilated so that any moisture can be released into the room – therefore ensure that the room gets ventilated. We do not recommend using tiles on SkamoWall.