Underground parking garage in Gdynia, Poland

Contractor: Waldeko Waldemar Reszka
Location: Gdynia, Poland
Building type: Underground parking garage
Project: Renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 250m²
Year: 2024

Gdańsk1 Gdańsk2 Gdańsk3 Gdańsk4 Gdańsk5 Gdańsk6 Gdańsk7 Gdańsk8

In an apatment building near Tri-City Landscape Park in Gdynia, Poland, moisture and mold had started causing problems in their adjacent underground parking garage.

To overcome the problem, the walls were thoroughly cleaned and then SkamoWall was mounted on the walls with an application of the corresponding plaster to create a nice finish.

The underground parking garage is now ready to withstand moisture for many years to come.