Listed building in Copenhagen, Denmark

Contractor: Boll+
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Building type: Apartment complex
Project: Renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 2,500m²
Year: 2018

Garnisionshaven3 Garnisionshaven4 Garnisionshaven5 Garnisionshaven6 Garnisionshaven7 Garnisionshaven8 Garnisionshaven9 Garnisionshaven10 Garnisionshaven11 Garnisionshaven

The renovation of Garnisonhaven in Copenhagen has been an ambitious project for which Boll+ has been contracted to recreate and improve this historic and iconic public space. Garnisonshaven, located in the heart of Copenhagen near Kastellet (the citadel).

The renovation project aimed to preserve and improve the characteristic features of Garnisonshaven while integrating modern facilities and sustainable elements.

SkamoWall was chosen because it was possible to mount it on the inside. In this way, the listed building would not have its architecture changed, which was an absolute requirement. The fact that SkamoWall also has a load-bearing capacity that enabled the installation of radiators was an additional advantage.