Hospital in Monaghan, Ireland

Contractor: Roundtower Lime
Location: Monaghan, Ireland
Building type: Apartment complex
Project: Renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 2,225m²
Year: 2022

Roundtower2 Roundtower3 Roundtower4 Roundtower5 Roundtower6 Roundtower7 Roundtower8 Roundtower

The renovation of the former hospital in Monaghan, Ireland, which was converted into apartments, was carried out by Roundtower Lime, a renowned building renovation company with expertise in the restoration of historical structures. The project aimed to preserve the architectural charm and historical character of the old hospital while creating modern and comfortable homes.

Roundtower Lime took care of all aspects of the renovation, including the design, construction and restoration of the building. They had a dedicated team of experienced architects, construction workers and historical experts who worked together to ensure that the renovation was carried out with care and precision.

One of the primary goals of the renovation was to preserve the original architectural features and details that made the hospital unique. This is precisely why SkamoWall was the obvious choice, as it allowed the original facade to be retained – while at the same time ensuring an improved indoor climate.