Single-family house in Horsens, Denmark

Location: Horsens, Danmark
Building type: House
Project: Basement renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 125m²
Year: 2023

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In Horsens, Denmark, a basement has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to a meticulous renovation carried out by Murefirmaet Bavnehøj ApS. The previously damp and poorly maintained basement has now been transformed into a study with the help of SkamoWall.

Before the renovation, the owners of the house were facing challenges with moisture that had penetrated the basement and created an unhealthy indoor climate. The decision to convert it into a study was the starting point for an extensive renovation, which Murerfirmaet Bavnehøj ApS was chosen to carry out.

One of the decisive factors in the renovation was the choice of building material that could cope with moisture problems as well as foster a good indoor climate. SkamoWall was the obvious choice for both the homeowner and Murerfirmaet Bavnehøj ApS.