Single-family house in Ballerup, Denmark

Location: Ballerup, Denmark
Building type: House
Project: Total renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 70m²
Year: 2022

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The elite athlete René Holten Poulsen, kayaker, and his girlfriend, nurse Birgitte Hou-vangsaae Reseke, have just completed a comprehensive renovation of their home. In their search for an optimal indoor climate that could support René’s elite performance, the couple chose to use SkamoWall in their home. With a focus on health and comfort, SkamoWall ensures a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate that perfectly suits the couple’s needs.

The renovation of René Holten Poulsen and Birgitte Hou-vangsaae Reseke’s home was carried out with great care and with the aim of creating a healthy and comfortable home environment. As an elite athlete and nurse, both René and Birgitte are particularly aware of the importance of a good indoor climate, as it can affect both physical and mental health.