Exclusive house in Skodsborg, Denmark

Contractor: Acri Invest ApS
Location: Skodsborg, Denmark
Building type: House
Project: Renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 105m²
Year: 2021

Skodsborg2 Skodsborg3 Skodsborg4 Skodsborg5 Skodsborg6 Skodsborg7 Skodsborg8 Skodsborg9 Skodsborg10 Skodsborg11 Skodsborg12 Skodsborg13 Skodsborg14 Skodsborg

A classic beach-front house in Skodsborg, Denmark, has undergone a comprehensive total renovation that has respected the architectural expression of the building. The owner of the house wanted to preserve the authentic exterior appearance of the building while improving interior comfort and functionality. This was made possible by the use of SkamoWall.

The exterior of the house was characterized by its characteristic beach-front style, and the owner wanted to preserve this unique esthetic during the renovation. Traditional renovation methods would often have meant a change in the appearance of the building, but with SkamoWall, which is mounted internally, it was possible to keep the exterior facade of the villa intact.

In addition to preserving the exterior appearance of the beach-front house, SkamoWall also provided significant benefits in the home, as SkamoWall’s properties contributed to improving the indoor climate.