Exceptional house in Hellerup, Denmark

Location: Hellerup, Denmark
Building type: House
Project: Total renovation
SkamoWall mounted: 100m²
Year: 2023

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In Hellerup in Denmark there is an exceptional house that has witnessed a remarkable renovation. The owner of the house decided to take the step towards improving the indoor climate and creating a healthy and comfortable home for his family. To achieve this, they chose to use SkamoWall.

The interior of the house was previously characterized by traditional materials and building techniques that could not always meet the requirements for an optimal indoor climate. With a vision of creating an environment free from moisture problems and harmful mold, the owner decided to integrate SkamoWall into their renovation project.

In this high-quality house, SkamoWall was used, which gave an esthetically pleasing result inside the home. The natural texture and color of SkamoWall gives the walls a look that harmonizes perfectly with the classic architecture of the house. This combination of functionality and esthetics makes SkamoWall the ideal choice for renovation projects that aim to preserve the authentic charm of the house.